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Chest Protectors:
All three designs are worn by over 90% of the Major League Umpiring staff and are the only chest protectors endorsed by Major League Baseball for use by their umpires.


By popular demand Joe West has designed a chest protector for the smaller umpire. The newly designed WESTVEST GOLD and WESTVEST PLATINUM now come in a "Smaller Version." Designed for the umpires who wear smaller than a 38 size jacket. This new smaller protector afford you the same protection as the larger version and gives the perfect fit.  More details regarding our umpire chest protectors....



Smaller WestVest
Now Available!

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 Pro Platinum Chest Protector
It's the top of the line developed by Major League umpire Joe West, manufactured for maximum protection! It’s simple: The Platinum fits better! It conforms at your shoulders, and enhanced side pads add comfort and protection. It does have the most armor and is the hottest selling protector for both the Minor League umpires and the collegiate ranks. 
Size: 10.5" & 12" Available

Lining: Nylon
Material: Open Cell

Item: #A3215
Sale Price: $135
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Pro Gold Chest Protector
The West Vest Gold was introduced in the 1992 World Series as the first hard shell protector ever used in a World Series event and to this day it's design is worn by more Major League Umpires than any other protector...It comes in three sizes "Small - Medium", "Medium- Large" and "Large-Extra Large."..The S-M fits coat sizes up to 38,  the M-L fits coat sizes 38 to 46. 46 and above should order the Large-Extra Large. Select your protector size during checkout. Worn by more Major League Umpires than any other chest protector.


Sizes: 11" (S-M), 12" (M-L)

 12 3/4" (L- XL)


Lining: Nylon
Material: Open Cell

Item: #A3210
Price: $147


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Umpire Masks:
The masks that were designed for Wilson by Joe West evolved into two single (as opposed to hinged) cross bars for optimal vision. (Masks that have the bars hinged together create a blind spot on balls that are hit up or down) Because all "wire" masks are and have been made of tubular steel Wilson had to "beef" up these cross bars and in so doing started making them of solid steel for strength. More details regarding our umpire masks....



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Wilson Dyna-Lite Face Mask

The Wilson Dyna-Lite™ Aluminum Umpire Mask is the lightest umpire mask on the market. The memory foam mask pads conform to the face and are wrapped in a moisture wicking fabric for the best in comfort and perspiration management.

Item: #3009AL
Price: $99.95




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