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The West Vest line of shin guard is the finest protection of any shin guard on the market and is the leader in innovations for one of the toughest areas to protect in the umpires stance - "the knee." Because of our increased padding behind the knee plates, Major League Umpires who get hit with foul tips in the knee do not get "knocked down" because their leg doesn't absorb the blow -the shin guard does. Because our shin guard is larger than most you will not be able to wear just a regular pair of pants over them ... your knee in your slacks will have to be tailored or you will have to buy pants made for working home plate ....See Gerry Davis Sports or Honig's or Lester's Upstate Sports.

Also to accommodate the different size umpires the shin guards come in two sizes that can expand at least two more sizes. The normal size shin guard is the 16-17 - that stands for the inches from the center of your knee cap to the top of your plate shoe.

The whole knee is adjustable for sizing purposes. So when you get your shin guards, don't think that something is wrong with them;  they are supposed to come apart so that you can make them fit "YOU."  The larger size is the 18"-19"


Item # A3409


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Pro Gold WestVest
Shin Guards


bulletVelcroŽ padding

bulletStitched plastic for durability

bulletSpecial air management system to absorb the shock of blows taken on the leg. 

bulletExpanded ankle plates for maximum protection

bulletColor: Black

bulletLining: Nylon

bulletMaterial: Open Cell

bulletThe only shin guards in the World endorsed by Major League Baseball for use by its umpires



 16"- 17"
18"- 19"

Price: $99.00

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Item # A3417



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NOW has the same padding that is behind the West Vest Shin Guards!!


MLU Shin Guards


Upgraded to be just as good as the Big Brother shown above


Now worn by a dozen Major League Umpires


The design is narrower than the WestVest Shin Guards


Hard-shell ankle protection




Color: Charcoal


Lining: Nylon


Material: Open Cell

Size: 17"
Price: $89.00
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